We are Antonio and Marco Nuca, owners of this shop.

Our family has been in the shoe business for over 100 years. Our grandfather Antonio had a workshop in his small shop in Villanova where he made custom-made shoes.

Our father Giuseppe, has managed the current shop since 1952 and for over 50 years.

We're not joking, a real iron sergeant, but after more than 20 years of coaching as hard as in a barracks, he has revealed every secret to knowing how to recognize a well-made shoe that doesn't cause problems for the wearer.

Therefore, as you can imagine, WE DO NOT BUY and we do not offer you those models or BRANDS (even famous and profitable ones) that do not respect those teachings.

Furthermore, we turn to Italian companies to be able to guarantee every shoe that leaves our shop for assistance and health.

But you need to know one more important thing. It is not enough to have well-made shoes in the shop to guarantee you hours and hours of well-being. Whoever sells them must be able to read your foot and understand if that model is ideal for you!

I assure you that sometimes excellent shoes cause blisters and discomfort, because they weren't right for a certain foot. And to do this you need experience and fairness. Not wanting to sell a shoe because it's in stock or just to make money…

That's why we like to "help" our customer in choosing, based on his needs precisely because we want every purchase to become a SUCCESS.